Discover and Connect

We have created a peer-to-peer private social networking architecture that supports collaboration and networking for a variety of purposes within defined groups or organizations. This secure, scalable private collaboration network is currently in use by DoD and allows community members to:

  • Register and establish a detailed personal profile
  • Discover and connect with other members of the community
  • Create and post content (text, video, images, links) to the application
  • View a customizable newsfeed that provides community specific information of interest, information from members to which you are connected, and information posted within the community at large
  • Stream community-relevant video content and store content locally for offline viewing
  • View and respond to posts by other community members
  • Locate and view community member locations on a map
  • Access numerous external resources of interest to community members

The collaboration network is configured for access by multiple client devices including desktop computer web browsers, mobile web browsers, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.  The client devices communicate through the application to the application server that interfaces with several 3rd parties including Brightcove for video streaming and Amazon S3 for mass storage and database backups.  The application also interfaces with Google Maps and Facebook to enable application functionality.

We are actively engaged in all aspects of the collaboration network including design, development, testing and launch.  We also support hosting, maintenance, network analysis and enhancement activities.

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